How Economics Is Understood

I read Eat the Rich by P.J. O’Rourke while traveling, and it’s typical O’Rourke, which means funny. After claiming he understands zero economcis — most of us don’t — he does profess to know how economics is usually understood.

After two semesters at college:
I. There are a lot of graphs
II. I’d better memorize them
III. Or get last year’s test

After three drinks at most bars:
I. There are only so many things in the world, and somebody is taking my share

II. All payment for work is underpayment

II. All business is crime
    A. Retailers are thieves
    B. Wholesalers are pimps
    C. Manufacturers are slave drivers

IV. All wealth is the criminal conspiracy among:
    A. Jews
    B. Japanese
    C. Pirates in neckties on Wall Street

Oh, how much time I’ve spent in school defending the pirates in neckties and those Evil Corporations they work for.

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  • Not being a pirate in a necktie (is that a tautology?) I’m more concerned with the economics of biodiversity, and how we measure the value of local environments.

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