Time to Give — It's the Holidays

A few years ago I realized I had no intense desire for more material possessions….and that any desire I did have was much less intense than a desire to buy and read more books.

So, I spread the word: if you want to get me something for Christmas or for my birthday, check out my Amazon wish list and buy me a book, or donate to a charity on my behalf. The past two Christmases I’ve given a handful of small donations on other people’s behalf (Acumen Fund, Junior Giants Fund, Ms. Foundation, George Washington Kenmore Foundation, and others).

This year, I am supporting the Ashoka Foundation. I just submitted my donation online with a credit card. They do excellent work in the area of “social entrepreneurship”. Social entrepreneurship takes the principles of entrepreneurship and applies them to social problems. In addition to attending an Ashoka event a few weeks ago, I chatted on the phone last week with one of their heads to hear about their new IT initiatives. I’m a fan.

It’s the holidays. If you have the resources to read this blog, you have the resources to give a little. Please do.

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