Short Workouts During Busy Times

Although I had a vision of a coherent, organized series of health/fitness posts, I’ve decided I’ll just have to shoot from the hip when I feel the kick.

Today’s post is about short workouts. For some reason there seems to be this myth that all workouts have to be at least one hour long, and usually longer. Personal trainers suggest 1.5 – 2 hours. This is nonsense. If you don’t exercise, start with a 10 minute walk each morning.

If you exercise regularly, don’t be afraid to shorten your workouts during a busy period. I had a decently busy day today. Not really busy, but a few meetings, a few calls, a few faxes, 75 emails sent/received. I didn’t want to take two hours to do aerobics and lift weights, even though my lats and pecs are more than deserving of some Casnocha Style Lovin’ (out of guilt, I had two Clif Bars).

So I did a quick 45 minute workout, door to door. Since I happily pay more for the convenience of a local gym, it’s a 3 minute walk, 20 minutes on bike, 10 minutes treadmill, 10 minutes elliptical, some stretching / push ups and out the door (ok – a little longer than 45 mins). When I got home I felt refreshed and focused.

Again: if you don’t exercise, start with 10 minute workouts. If you do exercise, don’t be afraid to do short ones when you’re busy, but be sure to pay a little extra for a lot more convenience (if possible) since it will save time on the transit, and every minute counts.

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