On Being in the Center of Action

I’m really close to North Korea. In a few days, in Dalian, I’ll be even closer, and could even hop up to the next town and take a boat right next to the North Korea border (the closest in the world any American could get).

India borders Pakistan. Also close to Afghanistan. This is where real shit goes down.

There’s something at once exhilarating and nerve racking about being in the center of the world’s action.

I’m happy I’m here, and I’ll be happy when I leave safely!

2 comments on “On Being in the Center of Action
  • Ben,

    I was in Egypt many moons ago when the US took some aggressive middle eastern action and I got some subtle, not too friendly messages that I paid careful attention to.

    It’s great to be in the middle of it, but remember we’re just not all that well liked these days.

    Be careful,


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