How to Dominate a Buffett Line: Use Your Fingers

I hit the buffet line in restaurants as hard as I hit the boards in basketball.

When I’m overseas and food is scarce (not many snacks) I always enjoy a good buffet. Fortunately the breakfasts provided by the hotels so far have provided buffet breakfasts.

One trick of the trade for dominating buffet lines: use your fingers. I have no idea why people feel like they must use those prongs or forks to grab food from each of the fifty different plates. It would take hours if you used a prong for each bin of food.

So this morning, as a nice Japanese woman pondered the overwhelming array of bread choices, I swooped in from the right side, plucked one of the pieces of bread without touching any other piece, and before she turned her head I had already piled eggs on my plate from a different counter.

Be covert, but never forget that Champions Find a Way.

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