The Latest from Washington D.C.

Some really upbeat news out of Washington, courtesy of the Atlantic Monthly (subs only):

Ken Calvert, a Republican representative from California, was caught in a car with a prostitute during his first term but, after putting out campaign literature implying that his Democratic opponent was gay, held on to his seat. Last year Calvert and a business partner bought a four-acre parcel of land in Riverside County for $550,000; after securing federal funds for the expansion of a nearby freeway interchange, along with federal money to support commercial development in the area, they sold the property for nearly $1 million. But Democrats say they are not running a serious challenger against Calvert, because the seat leans strongly Republican.

Ah. Don’t you feel better now?

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  • Incumbency, monarchy, one-party states, stultified big companies…what all of these illustrate is the necessity of choice and freedom.

    When choice and freedom are absent, it is far too easy for the ruthless and selfish to take over.

    More on this at a later date….

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