Me in Boston Globe: Entrepreneurship Can Make the World a Better Place

I pop up in today’s Boston Globe article titled, "So you think you may want to be an entrepreneur?"

9. Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking, and you can change the world. This idea comes from 18-year-old Ben Casnocha, who founded Comcate, a software company for governments, when he was 12. Yep, 12 years old. Casnocha says, "Entrepreneurship has a lot to do with business but it is a way of thinking about things that everyone can do: seeing individuals as empowered as agents of change; trying to figure out the status quo, the normal thing, and then thinking about what we can do differently. If more people thought like entrepreneurs the world could be a better place."

The author Penelope Trunk writes a good career advice blog.

My friends Ramit Sethi and Tom Kuegler (known as "TK" in the comments in this blog) are also quoted. Ramit gets his URL mentioned, so he’s officially on my shit list.

2 Responses to Me in Boston Globe: Entrepreneurship Can Make the World a Better Place

  1. kat26 says:

    Can you believe that at 18 he made a huge discovery already. Isn’t he a boy genius! At 18 , I spend most of the times hanging out with friends and never knew how entrepreneurship is defined.

  2. Lindsay says:

    such words of wisdom…creativity and innovation are definitely the keys to building a better world


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