Looking for Contacts and Resources in Japan, China, and India

My worldwide adventures to explore globalization on the ground, meet cool people, and understand other cultures and my own better, continue this fall! In October I intend to travel to Japan, China, and India for six weeks. I am looking for:

1. Contacts — Do you know people in any or all of these countries? Do you live in one of those countries? I’m looking for shelter and/or good conversations.

2. Advice — If you have been to these countries and have tips, I’m all ears. I’m not particularly interested in, say, specific restaurants as much as more general guidance.

I have no firm plans in any of these countries. I will probably go to Tokyo/Kyoto in Japan, Beijing and some places in the west in China, and Mumbai/Bangalore in India, but it’s wide open. I’m particularly interested in meeting businesspeople, academics, journalists, educators, or young people in leadership positions. In addition, I’m interested in checking out offshore shops in China and India.

It’s harder being an English speaking American citizen in these countries than it is in Europe, which is why I’m hopeful I can connect with as many locals as possible.

For those who don’t know, I recently spent seven weeks in Europe and stayed with blog readers and friends of friends and everything worked out marvelously.

Please email me if you have any connections. Thank you very much!

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