If the Pilgrims Had Landed in California, The East Coast Would Be Wilderness Still

Yesterday I had coffee with a San Francisco-based VC who’s lived and studied in the Bay Area his whole life. “On the one hand I feel like I should explore the east coast a bit….” he said. I interjected: “Hey — it’s hard to leave!” We both grinned.

Two nights ago I met some school friends. One guy just got a tattoo on his arm with “Oro un Paz, Fierro en Guerra” (Gold in Peace, Iron in War) — the San Francisco motto. As we were talking I looked at my own clothes. Through sheer happenstance I was wearing a “The City” t-shirt, SF Giants authentic MLB fleece, and a “The City” hooded sweatshirt. Everyone in the Bay Area refers to San Francisco as The City. When I was in Europe and an American asked me where I was from, I’d always say “The City” and then have to quickly correct myself.

Three nights ago I went to a “Toast to the Bay – Celebrate the 415” barbecue at Crissy Field some college-aged friends organized, before they head off to their chilly locales around the country. Awesome setting near the Warming Hut overlooking the bay, Alcatraz, and the Palace of Fine Arts.

Last night I had a meeting at the San Francisco Chronicle. The VP of their online division noted how the Chron web site is much farther along than other newspaper web sites. One guy said, “For example, on our site when you register, the gender field has three options: male, female, and undecided.” That’s what I love about San Francisco.

I guess what makes me sad is that Chris Yeh‘s kids are going to have no city pride. I mean, who really wants wear 650 on their sleeve?

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