The Reina Sofia Museum in Spain, Retiro Park, and Toledo

The Reina Sofia is the second big Madrid museum after El Prado. They have many famous Spanish works by Picasso, Dalí, and Miró. Try to imagine looking at Picasso Guernica and then turing around and seeing 3rd of May by Goya. We also saw some interesting modern sculpture. The layout was manageable, brochure helpful, and staff friendly.


Retiro Park is a humongous Spanish park. A meaty lake in the middle of the park (like SF’s Stowe Lake) anchors tree lined paths, grass fields (40 pushups), and thus endless running options. A two hour run cleared my mind from the museum overload.

For dinner we dined with a business friend of a friend, which I will discuss on my main blog later.

On our last day in Spain we took a day trip to Toledo, a one-hour bus ride from Madrid. It has a cathedral and some views. Nothing too special. Probably more exciting for people who get a high off medieval towns. The waiter fucked up our bill at lunch — again. I’m starting to think it’s intentional!Toleda

Spain is a wonderful country. Madrid is better than Barcelona unless you’re a crazy partying young person who wants to lie on the beach all day. The small towns probably have a lot of culture, too, worthy of further exploration if I had more time.

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