An Act of Extraordinary Generosity

Imagine this.

You arrive in a foreign city (say, Lisbon, Portugal). You take a 15 minute bus from the train station to a four-star business hotel. You give your name. You and your friend are escorted to the largest suite you’ve ever seen (think Mariott Residence Inn x 2). Two fridges, sink/stove, two big couches, dining room table, etc. You stay for two nights without opening your wallet. You never meet the person who paid for the hotel. He’s just a blog reader and businessman who promised two months ago, “You’ll have a place to stay.”

My stats say I have 1,000 readers on this blog. There are many, many readers who I don’t know and who don’t comment. They are “lurkers.” But it doesn’t mean these readers aren’t capable of extraordinary acts of generosity. To V.C. — thank you!

I suppose the only way I can repay the kindness offered to me during my travels is by continuing to write on this blog and maybe in my own small little way I can stimulate, provoke, amuse, or disgust!

5 comments on “An Act of Extraordinary Generosity
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  • This is an extraordinary story B, thank you so much for sharing it. As for your friend (if he happens to read this comment), you are inspiring.

    GREAT story!!!

  • Ben, that is fantastic. Generosity of that sort is so overwhelming. All I can say is- pay it forward. Do something that is amazingly generous for someone else, knowing that you may never be thanked for it.

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