Thanks Bow Tie Club

I have great difficulty completing certain basic tasks in life. Tying knots. Using a map. Pronouncing certain words (I had a speech therapist when I was younger). My Mom would also claim I have difficulty hitting the toilet during standing bathroom sessions, but on that I think my fellow men can agree that no woman will ever understand the complex physics involved.

In any event, tying ties has always been a challenge, but my unwavering dedication to the bow tie supercedes any inherent impediment. I just love bow ties. And now I love them even more. The Bow Tie Club just sent me a free bow tie after they saw me wearing one and linking to their site on my blog. Thanks Kirk and Bow Tie Club!

I guess this means I’ll need to Photoshop myself into an Armani suit and see what happens…

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  • I am a huge bow-tie fan, too, Ben, and insist on tying my own (a fact women seem to love, though these days I only need to impress one woman). It’s a wonderful art that I hope will always remain, and sets gentleman apart from those who use those awful clip-ons.

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