A Bow Tie Kind of Guy

When you wear a bow tie you project an image. I associate bow ties with academics/professors or people who are generally a little off the wall, a tad spunky.

Ever since I was a young, cute, blond little boy, I’ve had a fascination with bow ties. (Through the transitive property, I also love bow tie pasta, which I admit is taking it a little too far.)  When I first started wearing suits to business meetings, I had to overcome any age-ism or credibility questions so I definitely did not wear a bow tie. Now that I have some experience under my belt, the bow tie is a must have. To that end, I have updated the photo that accompanies each post on this blog. You can check it out by visiting any page of my blog to see me sporting a bow tie from The Bow Tie Club.

1 comment on “A Bow Tie Kind of Guy
  • I associate bow-ties with being pretentious – and Tucker Carlson.

    The latter is a negative, but the first can be turned positive by your attitude. If you act like you are the smartest guy in the room then you are augmenting your pretentious personality, if you act interesting, sane, and “spunky” then you gain the cool and off the wall tag. All interesting people are different so that’s okay. You fit strongly into the cool and off the wall column, your glasses add to the image as well… just don’t get in a fight with Jon Stewart.

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