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Thanks Six Apart and to my friends who alerted me to this….

As a teenager, Ben Casnocha has left more of a mark than most people do in their entire lives. He founded a citizen-driven complaint website when he was 12 years old, and created Comcate, a CRM provider for local governments, by the time he was 14. And while his accomplishments may be alarming, don’t worry if you or your kids aren’t achieving as much as Ben — he’s an exception, not the rule. Most of the members of his generation aren’t yet building businesses, taking meetings with Silicon Valley luminaries, turning down TV shows with MTV, fielding interviews with top media outlets, or writing their memoirs. And while Ben’s youth and ambitiousness are great hooks to get people interested in his story, at the end of the day it’s his actual words that keep them coming back. So, until Ben’s book, And A Teen Shall Lead Them: A Young CEO’s Journey Through Silicon Valley, High School, and Life, hits the shelves, take a peek into Ben’s everyday life via his blog — from an after-prom party with his friends to his college process to his role in the Silicon Valley Junto to an Independent Study on Blogs, Journalism, and Media. After high school, Ben’s taking a year off to travel the world before college, and you can read about that journey on Ben’s Gap Year Travel Adventures.   

11 Responses to TypePad Featured Blog

  1. Sean says:

    It seems strange to me that when something is written about you, the person who writes it doesn’t take the time to send you a quick note that it was written. I say that because you said your friends had to alert you to this.

    Maybe that’s just the way things go, but still it seems odd.

  2. Ben Casnocha says:

    To clarify: TypePad did notify me a week or two ago saying that I’d be a featured blog…but they didn’t tell me when.

  3. Raphael Kang says:

    I quoted Ben in my blog, and I credited it by linking his blog, but I don’t think I notified him. Whoops.

  4. Harold Check says:

    We try to notify all the featured bloggers as close as we can to the date the site runs, but the reality of the business is that we frequently switch things around at the last minute. In fact, we just recently changed from a bi-weekly publishing schedule to posting a new featured blog every day and we’re still tweaking our process. In any case, congrats Ben!

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  6. LeOgAhEr says:

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