High School Senior Year Prom

It was last night. I didn’t go to the formalities — saved $250 and my sanity — but did hit up the after party.

I arrived at the girl’s house around 11 PM. In a serendipitous moment, after walking in the door I bumped into the girl’s dad who I have been wanting to meet with since he does some cool investing work in China and is a trustee of the World Affairs Council. We exchanged business cards. ("Only Ben Casnocha shows up a high school prom party and ends up trading business cards with a parent," a friend later tells me. I guess.)

A few hours later a couple friends and I crash back at my house. We got back at 3 AM, the latest I’ve been up my whole life (I’m a go-to-sleep-early-get-up-early kind of guy). This morning we rolled out of bed and walked back across town in the beautiful San Francisco sun to pick up our cars, which we had parked near the house.

In one of those only-at-a-high-school-prom-party moments, as we’re walking we bump into a friend of ours walking the other way on the sidewalk. Still in tuxedo, he smiles. "What’s up with you?" I ask. "I haven’t gone to sleep yet, been out all night!" he answers. It was 10:30 AM. Holy christ.

I find my car, turn on the radio, and "It’s a Beautiful Morning" comes on, the perfect song for the cloud-less day. I drove home, tired, humming to the song, and reflecting on the craziness that is high school social life. The most fascinating psychological petri dish I’ve encountered.

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