MTV: True Life — Why I Said No

MTV called me a few months ago. They wanted to profile me in their series True Life, a popular mini-documentary series they produce. The theme was True Life: I Don’t Fit In. They would follow me around for a couple weeks, from when I wake up till when I go to sleep. School, meetings, parties, etc.

After several conversations with the producer, who was professional and helpful, and at the recommendation of our PR people who have helped me with press inquires during spikes of activity, I said no. I was uneasy about being pigeonholed as a kind of social misfit; I would want more control over the footage; I was uneasy about the MTV audience and the other couple young people who would be featured on the show.

Tonight my brother alerted me to turn on MTV. I haven’t watched TV in several years, so it took flipping through many channels to find the station. Sure enough, it was True Life: I Don’t Fit In. It only took 10 minutes of watching the young people being profiled to know that I made the right decision.

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