Be Funny: Humor for the Businessperson

Some day, Chris Yeh and I will start a secular church and a political party (economically conservative and socially liberal). But for now, we’re sticking to the Silicon Valley Junto and …e-books.

We have two e-book ideas. The first is on humor and business. We think humor is really important. People who can integrate belly-laugh quality humor in their daily business lives are in a class of their own, I think. So Chris and I want to publish a low-cost, PDF-style e-book that can make funny people funnier and dull people manageable. Hell, we’re even throwing in a situational matrix. It will probably be several months until this is done — since both of us really don’t even have time to do this — but so long as Chris’ kids require tuition money, we all have to chip in somehow.

Go add your ideas, thoughts, and examples on this public wiki so we can make it good. Password: humor

Incidentally, I just heard this NPR piece on humor in politics, in which former senator Alan Simpson says:

"You show me a humorless person and I’ll show you a guy I can always whip in a debate."

"My mother always taught me humor was the universal solvent against the abrasive elements of life."

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