SF Zen Center Meditation Instruction

I went over to the SF Zen Center this morning to get a tour of the facility and receive free formal meditation instruction. It was great — beautiful day, good location, and nice instructor. They taught one tradition of meditation — the zen kind — which involves a certain posture and mindset. I will probably tweak it a bit, but it was great to learn from a pro.

If you’re interested in meditation head to the SF Zen Center Saturday mornings for free instruction…and tranquility.

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  • Ah, that’s wonderful, Ben. When I was just a couple of years older than you, I would wake up in my $200 a month apartment at Page and Central every weekday morning before dawn, and walk down to Zen Center to sit before working a full day at Greens restaurant. I was poor and very happy. Zen practice continues to inform my life every moment, though I no longer sit daily. I am very grateful for my time at Zen Center.

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