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  • I’m sure at some place you state this answer, however I didn’t look well enough to find it. This is a rather broad question. What religion do you have? What are your beliefs as far as philosophy and life in general? I’m just curious because philosophy, along with journalism is one of my passions. You seem to be rather opinionated, so it’d be interesting to see how you view things.


    PS: Also, tomorrow I have a Model United Nations presentation. Do you have any recommendations, the topic I’m presenting on regards reconstruction of the U.N. Security Council. Personally I find the council rather pointless, countries don’t abide by it and do as the please. (Iran is a clear and recent example.) My group is representing the Republic of Ireland,) and I have an inkling that our proposal might be chosen. What are your thoughts, how would you change the Security Council?

  • Sarah — I don’t subscribe to an organized religion. I consider myself still searching. I’m quasi Buddhist, quasi atheist.

    Sorry I don’t have time to respond to your question on the security council. Good luck!

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