Four Months Into – 637 Items

I use a service called to keep track of what I read on the web. Think of it as public bookmarking — instead of adding a favorite to my web browser, I add it to my account. Instead of putting it into a folder, I add as many descriptive "tags" as I want. My bookmarks are entirely public (I like transparency). Since I started using the free service around December 1st, I’ve tagged 637 items. Wow! I’m an information hog — I take in tons of info each day and I think I do a pretty good job discerning what’s important, forwarding relevant things to other people, and internalizing newfound knowledge. has been invaluable. Here’s how I use the service.

  1. I don’t surf the web anymore. Most all my news and information come through 280 RSS feeds in my RSS reader NetNewsWire. I refresh this reader about five times a day during downtime at school (OK, that means during boring parts of school classes, too).
  2. Any link I click on — or any blog post I enjoy — opens into Firefox. I try to get through my RSS reader as quickly as possible. If I spend more than 10 seconds on any one item, I open it up in Firefox to read later.
  3. Sometimes I’ll have as many as 20 tabs open in Firefox. Most of these pages get tagged into through the handy Firefox/ integration which means I spend virtually no time tagging. I do try to select some text on the page before clicking "tag" which shows up in the "description" field for that page.
  4. If I leave a comment on someone else’s blog, I tag that page blogcomment. If I need to print a page but am not by a printer I tag it print_later. If I don’t have time at that moment to blog something, I tag it blog_later. If I want to share a page with a friend who’s on, I tag it "for:theirname".
  5. Anytime I think to myself, "Gee, where was that really good article I read a few weeks ago?" I’ll simply go to my delicious page, click the relevant tag — say, journalism — and due to my disciplined way of tagging everything, it’s there.

If you are interested in seeing what I’m tagging — the first derivative of my thinking — feel free to subscribe to the XML feed. If you use, tag items you want me to look at for:bencasnocha.

4 comments on “Four Months Into – 637 Items
  • Ben, I’m also using quite extensively, but I’ve just learned two tricks from you: print later and blog later..
    So as “payment” for those tips, here’s this one: a fairly new service, makes comment tracking easier than the manual tagging.

  • Hey Ben –

    Great post. I constantly struggle to find more efficient ways to tag the information I encounter on the net. Even after learning about, I had trouble adapting to it. This post gives me some tangible ‘tricks’ to use that will motivate me to start collecting and organizing the info I view on the net. Love the “highlight and tag” function. Anyway, thanks for sharing…

  • A mere 288 items for me in about 3 months. But I agree– is useful in a way that traditional bookmarks aren’t. The ability to share and publish is now central to every kind of software!

  • i subscribed to your del. feed after coming across your blog a couple of months ago – we share some common interests, and you find some good articles that I never would have came across. i stole your idea of adding your delicious tags to my blog too. I’ll have to remember your blog_later tag idea.

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