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I’ve used here and there since January, mostly for stuff that wasn’t important enough to blog but that I wanted to remember. I never publicly shared my inbox (which had 30 links). I just set up a new account with a username that’s recognizable:

Since I love stealing other people’s ideas (with credit, of course), and since I’m a nerd, I set up an XML feed for my links like my mentor Brad Feld just did and added my Recent Bookmarks and tags to the right side of my blog. So, if you’re interested in seeing what I’m *considering* blogging – or "the first derivative of what I’m thinking" – follow my feed. Think of it as public bookmarks/favorites.

I’m doing this mostly for my own benefit – to keep track of all the shit I read online – and to experiment with an emerging technology. But hey, if you want to follow along, feel free!

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