Is Thinking About Past, Present, and Future Useful Anymore?

If you think of time as broken up into the past, present, and future, it seems with the impact of certain technologies that whole equation is perverted. We live in a world where, due to camera phones and other things, the gap between "life as it is being lived and life as it is being displayed" is shrinking. We re-visit and re-create the past within seconds. And of course, we have always been obsessed about the future, and much of our days are consumed with planning and organizing for what’s happening next.

So, what does "living in the moment" – as we wannabe Buddhists like to say – really mean? Besides focusing on breathing, are there other moments in our life when we are truly "there" and "present"? While I’ve always subscribed to the theory that living in the present is important, I am now not sure that thinking about time in three discrete chunks is appropriate anymore.

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