The Image Culture

The New Atlantis has a print-length, excellent article on how our culture is becoming overwhelmingly image based. Its core question: "If we are indeed moving from the era of the printed word to an area dominated by the image, what impact will this have on culture, broadly speaking, and its instituations?"

It is not terribly upbeat, and maybe too cyncial at times, but it is provocative. One thing it puts into words that has always fascinated me is the shrinking space between "life as it is being lived and life as it is being displayed." That is, with digital cameras (and other democratizing technologies) you take a picture and then the child says "Let me see!"

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  • I wonder if we had not had the images if the people at new Orleans convention center would have been left there? There’s also the image of image with the products we were. Most everyone would rather have Nike shoes than Wal Mart shoes even if the Wal Mart shoes were better.

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