Has LinkedIn Been Good to You?

The past three days I’ve gotten three LinkedIn requests…I’ve had a profile for a couple years, but have never invited anyone to join my "network," nor have I used it to meet anyone. I’m debating whether to add all the people in my address book as official connections, as a way to stay in touch and keep track of people. But, it would take time on my end, and if people on the other end view it as a hassle, it’s not worth it. Has anyone out there reaped real value from it?

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  • Ben,

    I actually found LinkedIn to be quite useful in several ways:

    1) I used it to get background information on people. For example, when I have a business meeting with someone, I’ll search the person on LinkedIn. Usually I will find his/her resume.

    2) I know several recruiters who use it as a recruiting tool. I’ve been contacted by several recruiters in the past because they found my profile there.

    3) I browse my linkedin contact list once a while to see if any of my contacts/friends have changed jobs and made career moves.

    I’ve tried to make request via LinkedIn. I was able to reach the person when I cold-emailed the person directly (he accepts direct request.) On the other hand, when I try to make request to people who are 2-degree seperate from me, I haven’t had much success.

    Overall, I like LinkedIn as a research tool. I think its true value to me is that it serves as a “large resume book”, but I’ve found the “social networking” aspect of it to be limited (others might have different experience though).


  • Ben,

    I have yet to gain anything useful from LinkedIn as well. I just use it as a way to keep in touch with other entrepreneurs that share the same interests in project and that I may want to work with in the future (after all, assembling a team isn’t easy, especially at our age).



  • Ben,

    I have not found it useful. I gravitate towards online solutions that replicate an offline experience effectively.

    Three, seemingly, unsolicited requests to join someone on linkedin are often the result of somoene blasting their contacts book.

    A perfect reason why it doesn’t help. That being said, you zestfully espouse the value of blogs in “eliminating small talk”. Well linkedin, in some respect does that.

    I prefer to use Google searches and talking to friends to get background on someone.


  • …I think you got to look at it as more of a random tool and just add everyone you know and then when the time is right you will use it … I used it the other day and got hold of someone inside of Zend the guys who make php and now that I have made contact I just need to take the steps like in any business relationship to meet and try grow it … the point is it’s all random

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