Good Writing Doesn't Just Communicate Ideas; It Generates Them

Amen. This is something I continue to work on – I want the written and spoken word to be my "secret" weapon when going up against people smarter and more talented than me.

Link: Bruno Unna – What do Paul Graham and Jason Fried have in common?.

Paul Graham writes:

I think it’s far more important to write well than most people realize. Writing doesn’t just communicate ideas; it generates them. If you’re bad at writing and don’t like to do it, you’ll miss out on most of the ideas writing would have generated.

Jason Fried writes this:

If you are trying to decide between a few people to fill your position, always hire the better writer. I don’t care if that person is a designer, programmer, marketer, salesperson, whatever. Assuming your candidates are fairly equally skilled and qualified overall, always hire the better writer. This is especially true with designers since copywriting is interface design.

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