Fan Mail and Hate Mail

I get a lot of email from this blog, many of it encouraging/interesting/thought-provoking, some of it not. Today is a great example. This morning I got a nice email from a fellow who’s going across the country on a grant for the Young Americans Project: Exploring America’s Future. This evening I received a few emails from a "Jacob," who spent 45 minutes leaving lengthy comments on a few posts…basically ripping into me. I particularly enjoyed:

" i dont even know you and for some reason i just want to take those glasses off your face, stamp on them 7 times and place them back on your face and walk away….the only thing sadder then that is going to be the look on your face when you suddenly wake up and realize that you have lived your entire life wrong and while you were busy reading books so you can feel smarter then everyone else, you shoulda been out being normal. normal is normal for a reason: because it is good.  you are not good."

My advice to Jacob? Go read some Mike Tyson quotes to take your attacks on me to the next level.

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