Are You a Freak?

I remember one of my first days of high school and I hadn’t yet adjusted to the culture that is adolescence. At the lunch table I went on and on about something. Then there was a long silence. Then someone said, "Ben, you know, you’re really a freak." I thought about that for a second, and then responded: "You know, I think you’re right." Good news: Tom Peters is imploring that people hire freaks:

Never hire a human being who had a 4.0 in college. If they had a perfect GPA, it means they bought the act and never screwed around. Now a 2.0 is probably not so good. But the ones who had 3.0, yeah! Those are the freaks you want!

In his companion PPT, he lists six reasons why he loves freaks:

(1) Because when Anything Interesting happens … it was a freak who did it. (Period.)   
(2) Freaks are fun. (Freaks are also a pain.) (Freaks are never boring.)
(3) We need freaks. Especially in freaky times. (Hint: These are freaky times, for you & me & the CIA & the Army & Avon.)   
(4) A critical mass of freaks-in-our-midst automatically make us-who-are-not-so-freaky at least somewhat more freaky. (Which is a Good Thing in freaky times—see immediately above.)   
(5) Freaks are the only (ONLY) ones who succeed—as in, make it into the history books.   
(6) Freaks keep us from falling into ruts. (If we listen to them.) (We seldom listen to them.) (Which is why most of us—and our organizations—are in ruts. Make that chasms.)

Thanks Ian Ybarra for the link.

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