Participating in Churchhill Club Event 9/23

I’m pleased to be participating/speaking at the upcoming Churchhill Club event celebrating their 10th anniversary called Leadership Defined. It’s a one-day event on Friday September 23rd in Mountain View. I’ll most likely be participaing in a roundtable discussion during lunch on entrepreneurship or on the next generation of leadership. Other speakers include John Hennessy (Stanford President), friend Heidi Roizen (Mobius VC), Bill Joy (Kleiner Perkins), Rich Karlgaard (Publisher of Forbes), Ram Shriram (Angel), Ed Zander (CEO Motorola), Scott Heiferman (CEO of Meetup) and others.

If you are going please say hi, if you are interested in going email me as I have a few discounted tickets to offer (regular fee is about $500).

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