An Active Person's Diet

I realized how much energy I am now expending every day running around when I considered all I ate or drank today:

Breakfast (6:40 AM) – Cereal, toast, orange juice
Snack #1 (9:45 AM) – Peanutbutter & jelly sandwich
Lunch (11:50 AM) – Two sandwiches, yogurt, V8 juice, cookie, apple
Snack #2 (3:00 PM) – Cliff Bar
Snack #3 (4:00 PM) – Banana
Snack #4 (5:00 PM) – Yogurt, Pecan Bar
Dinner (7:00 PM) – Pasta dish, chicken wing, milk, salad
Total Water Consumption All Day: 2.5 liters (this is a lot of water)

I’m a kind of nutrition nut, so I like to keep track of these things. Peak performance starts with optimum nutrition and hydration – most people forget to drink lots of water throughout the day. If your urine is yellow, you’re de-hydrated. I tell my basketball teammates in-season to always observe the color of their urine. One person said to me, "Ben, everytime I piss and see what color it is, I’ll think of you." I can think of no greater honor.

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