My Fall Semester School Schedule

In a few days I’ll become a high school senior, and, as always, my ability to juggle a multitude of activities will be put to the test. My schedule will become slightly insane, especially come basketball season. This is where I doubly focus on my health and nutrition to make sure I’m performing day in day out at peak capacity.

I’m lucky that nearly all of the elective classes at my high school are college level courses, often times better than AP classes we don’t even bother following what the College Board outlines. This is what I’ll be spending 19 hours a week doing (plus all the homework, studying):

1. Asian Studies – A look at Hinduism, Buddhism, and other belief systems of India and China. A number of very cool spiritual books which will be right up my alley.

2. Geography – Everywhere I look I read about how an understanding of geography will be critical in the world. I’ve posted about cultural geography, and today I read a book review on how geography is the foundation for many of the most pivotal issues facing our world. I know squat right now, so this will be helpful.

3. Pyschology – A much coveted class, we will be covering the foundations of pycho-analysis, Freud, etc. We’ll also be reading a book that was recommended to me, The Sociopath Next Door.

4. Pre-calculus for the Social Sciences – Math-challenged Ben is still chugging away with an applied math course. Ho hum.

5. What It Is – A novel based English course. Examines the role of reality and intercourse between what is being told versus how it is being told.

I am also exploring ways to independently study globalization and philosophy.

In addition I will be partaking in the following activities on-campus:

The Devil’s Advocate (student newspaper) – I’m Executive Editor, working closely with a couple esteemed colleagues, and a bunch of other smart people. I will be writing a ton, managing our staff and budget, editing, and making sure we kick up lots of dust as a good student paper should.

Men’s Varsity Basketball – I’m returning Captain, working with a senior-heavy team. We’ll be working hard for a league championship!

KUHS Student Radio – The radio station I founded and run – we’ll be moving to an all-podcast format.

So there you go, that will be my life at University High School this fall.

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