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In between visiting NYU and Sarah Lawrence (more on my college trip soon) I raced up to visit Seth Godin in Irvington, NY. It was my first time meeting Seth but I’ve been inside his brain for a few years now through consuming his books and blog. When I knew I was going to be near his town I dropped him an email explaining my background and mutual interests. He agreed for a quick cup of tea and I was thrilled.

Interacting with him in-person on business/marketing issues and life/college issues was incredibly illuminating. He has an appealing style of offering blunt advice and feedback in a constructive, level-headed way.

On the college process, Seth (who was once a professor at NYU and PACE) threw out this scenario: what if I was to take all the money my parents would spend on a formal college education (at a private college, this would be in the hundreds of thousands) and spend a year in Banglore, a year in China, and two years rolling up my sleeves in a company. What kind of education would that provide and would it be superior to the conventional college ed?

I hope to get to know Seth better in the coming months and years. In the meantime, thanks Seth, for a stimulating conversation.

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  • Ben Godin was my legendary mate from 2nd year college back in Melbourne in 1994/1995. We had memorable nights together like the night we saw those duds from Lemonheads hanging out at the Punters Club on Brunswick St and the time we went hiking in the grampians and camped out on a cliff ledge drinking b-grade scotch all night. I’ve lost contact with Ben and am trying to find him. How can I find the big man?

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