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I’ve been slacking off on my Friends of Ben series where I profile interesting people I know (so far I’ve profiled two VCs, a CEO of a software company, and a young entrepreneur). So after having coffee with Jonathan Miller this morning I resolved to update this portion of my blog.

Jonathan is an accomplished entrepreneur, technology executive, and angel investor. He was a member of the founding team at Flycast Communications, COO of the Fortunecity Network, Chief Community Officer and VP Product Dev at Peoplelink, and founder and board member of Truereq, a company delivering hosted product lifecycle management software. He also is a partner at LLM Partners where he does angel investments and consulting.

For me, life is like a candy store – I am easily interested in lots of different things. I get the same vibe from Jonathan. Be it product management, online communities, computer science, finance, or the World Series of Poker and Belgium chocolates, all of these pique Jonathan’s interest. He also considers himself a “Jew-Bu” (Jewish Buddhist).

Next week he’ll be moving to Shanghai three-quarters time. Why? With zillions of consumers and a growing dependence from American firms on Asian manufacturing/programming outfits, that’s where the opportunity is, of course. So hell – learn Mandarin and pick up and move to Shanghai! That’s what I call entrepreneurial zeal.

Because of the move, he’s looking to get rid of clothes and books so I made off like a bandit, with 7-8 books and a couple sweet jackets. Here’s a pic of me sporting my new five-finger-discounted jacket. Thanks Jonathan!

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  • Tell Jonathan to look up Tom Melcher when he gets there. Tom is a former CNet executive and founder of Last year, he moved his whole family (including two young daughters) to China so that they could learn about the most important nation of the 21st century.

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