E-Medical Records Are Coming

I just read the mini-debate that was transcribed on Always-On btwn Esther Dyson, Tony Perkins, Roger McNamee, and John Doerr on “E-Medical Records Are Coming.”

This has been an interest of mine for awhile because every time I go to the doctor or dentist and see them using one of those old original Mac computers and the file cabinets of thousands of paper records I say “There has to be a better way.” Doctors offices are also notorious for routine failed attempts to transport your records to a specialist doctor and then back to your primary internist.

The aforementioned discussion focuses around prescription drugs, Medicare, etc. but I think there’s a *big* (and practical) opportunity to automate much of the processes in small internist doctors offices around the country. From scheduling appointments to the storing and transporting of actual medical records, there is a crying need for technology in this niche.

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