A VC in the CV

Brad posted about “Yet Another VC Blogger” (early adoptors like to be known as such!), Robin Bordoli from Mobius VC. I followed through the link, clicked the About Us link on Robin’s blog, and my jaw dropped open…a Mobius VC living in the Cole Valley here in San Fran!

I have a lot of neighborhood pride, so when I hear about cool, interesting people in my ‘hood I want to meet them (like Craig Newmark or Wired writer Steve Silberman). Hopefully I’ll meet Robin soon at the local coffee joint or crepe place. At the Cole Valley Street Fair a few months ago my three other Cole Valley friends and I all bought 94117 t-shirts. Img_0303

So – if I ask “what’s your number?” (or ask a girl, “what’s your math?”) no I’m not talking about your phone number. I want a zip code!

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