Shit Happens (continued)

In August I posted on one my favorite entrepreneurial truisms, “Shit happens.” Well, shit happened last night. All summer and all fall I’ve been organizing two hour practices, twice a week for my basketball team. Since it’s illegal for coaches to be at organized practices, I’ve had to dream up every darn drill, conditioning, and agenda for every workout. Being a junior (I’m co-captain with a senior) there have definitely been some personnel challenges when it comes to a junior telling seniors to show up. Luckily, I have a formidable physical presence. (I’m not joking – in high school, it seems people often think “well, could I take so-and-so in a fight? It never happens, but people always think about it.)

Last night coming down after a lay-up in traffic I twisted and rolled my right ankle severely. It’s not a fracture, but it will require 3 weeks of no basketball or exercise (besides swimming) and I have to wear a huge brace/soft cast. The season is about 5 weeks away, but still, a bummer. I’ve had six months to do this and allow ample time for recovery, but now right before the season…

And so I’ll quote myself from that post a couple months ago, just to remind myself: “You can draw a lot of shoulda-coulda-woulda’s out of terrible stories caused by natural circumstances outside of your control. In the entrepreneur related blogs I read, many people have taken a stab at truisms and lessons learned. But how about this one? Shit happens. It just does.”

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