Pogue Asks About Blackberry, and Google SMS

David Pogue asks in his column in today’s NYTimes, “When was the last time you saw a 10th grader hammering away on a BlackBerry?” What’s up, Mr. Pogue. I just upgraded my Blackberry of two years to a new 7750. Despite various other reviews/comments I read from blogs in my aggregator touting the Sidekick or Treo, Earthlink made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I was already with Earthlink, so upgrading to get *both* phone/email in one and say hasta la vista to Verizon Wireless made a lot of sense. Now I’ll be paying less per month and can lug one less device around.

Even better news: Google SMS service should be a godsend. From my Blackberry, I can now do local searches for restaurants/businesses, look up someone’s phone number, get a definition, and most of the other cool features of Google all from my Blackberry by sending a SMS msg to GOOGL and I get a return message within seconds. Very cool.

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