Weblogs Murdering the Soul of America's Youth

I picked up on this in today’s NYTimes Book Review Section, but Jeff Jarvis already blogged it. It has to do with Cornel West in his new book saying that a “soul murder” has taken place among America’s youth. Guess what ranks up there with Cocaine and oral sex? You betcha.

In a negative review of pompous Princetonian Cornel West’s Democracy Matters, Caleb Crain writes this: Then there are West’s eccentricities of tone. For the ”soul murder” of American youth, West blames cocaine, Ecstasy, oral sex and –Weblogs. He writes, somewhat cryptically, that ”Since 9/11 we have experienced the niggerization of America.”

Weblogs are murdering the soul of American youth. Wow. It that because we are addictive or just because we like puncturing that self-important bag of tepid wind, West?

Then again, we could use this as our new marketing slogan: Weblogs: as much fun as cocaine, Ecstasy, and oral sex!


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