Focusing on One Thing at a Time – City Govts Do Not

There was an article in today’s Journal about how Gateway is once again going to focus primarily on personal computers instead of consumer electronics. It made me think of the folks Comcate works with every day – city governments. City governments are the weirdest corporations you’ll ever see. Cities do sewer. Water. Streets. Police. Parks. Fire. Econ development. They provide such an eclectic mix of services that the CEO – or “city manager” – has quite a task. I can’t think of any private sector company that provides the array of unrelated services as city governments. Such diversity makes it a challenging market for us as to engage all the different stakeholders and makes for a long sales process. But it also provides opportunity to sell a lot of different modules and services in to various departments within one agency.

Despite all the talk about the national elections, who you vote for for Mayor or other local offices November 2nd will mean a hell of a lot more for what you see and feel every day…as opposed to who you vote for in Washington to slave away in partisan politics for four years.

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