Book Review: One Person / Multiple Careers

Marci Alboher has written a great new book that came out yesterday called One Person / Multiple Careers. She sent me an early copy and after reading it I spoke with her on the phone.

The premise is this: From lawyer/chefs to police officer/personal trainers to mom/CEOs, more and more people are building careers filled with slashes. Sometimes “slash” people live a multi-tenent career all at once; other times they layer past experiences into their current job (in other words, they may officially be a full-time “mom” but they think of themselves as “CEO/Mom” by incorporating their CEO experiences into their mothering). However they do it, slash people usually don’t work conventional 9-5 jobs and usually are entrepreneurial in constructing their sense of self.

I have been an entrepreneur / writer / student for several years and hope I never have to give up my free-agent, slash lifestyle. Leading multiple “careers” at once is a most fulfilling path. After all, my theory is that around 50% of the seeds I plant never germinate, so I always need to be involved in multiple activities / careers — that is, plant many seeds at once — to ensure a decent number sprout.

Marci outlines good tips for building a customized career of your dreams by becoming a slash. Marci — thanks for sending this to me! Go evangelize the wonders of a slash lifestyle!

5 Responses to Book Review: One Person / Multiple Careers

  1. Vince Williams says:

    Free-agent slash lifestyle is the way to go.

    About the seeds–ah, maybe that’s why I have 27 children.

  2. Chris Yeh says:

    As a dad/entrepreneur/investor/mentor/writer, I’m not one to talk, but I do wonder sometimes if focus is a better strategy.

    As Archilochus wrote, “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.”

    Jim Collins has noted that great companies tend to be led by hedgehogs not foxes.

    For a pretty interesting discussion of this topic, check out:

  3. Anonymous says:

    Spread your seed Ben, and inevitably, it will sprout…

  4. Does she address how to answer the “What do you do?” question? Because that one drives me batshit.

  5. I do my best!


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