John Stuart Mill’s Life, In a Sentence

“Mill’s [life story] is of a man out in the pure sun of reason and rational inquiry, lit at night by the romantic moonlight of a little bit of love and just enough madness.”

That’s from Adam Gopnik’s wonderful account of Mill’s life. The opening paragraph of the piece contains this: “Certainly no one has ever been so right about so many things so much of the time as John Stuart Mill.”

Mill made it onto my icons list of 2009.

4 Responses to John Stuart Mill’s Life, In a Sentence

  1. slope says:

    So great!! Thank for sharing

  2. nice idea. let’s do the best to be a winner.

  3. rahul lath says:

    Thanks, Ben. have you ever revisited your list of icons post 2009? would love to know. Best, rahul


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