“There Are No Shortcuts”

A few months ago, President Obama gave a moving eulogy in honor of Beau Biden, the late son of Vice President Biden. Minutes 13-15 are emotional, as Obama’s voice cracks. And the words ring true. In the social media age, it’s not hard to get some attention; to generate some controversy. But to make your name mean something and to have it stand for dignity and integrity — that’s rare. It’s not something you can buy. There are no shortcuts. Video below (start at minute 13).

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  • Ben,

    I’m a student and a huge fan of your sensible but often unexpected business and entrepreneurship advice.

    I’m writing because I’m serious about writing a quality book that covers slightly different issues. I’m a big believer in gathering data before jumping into a new project, so I was hoping-perhaps quixotically-that you might take pity on an eager young student and provide a few words of insight in answer to the 3 questions at the bottom of this email.

    Either way, thank you for your contribution to the world of entrepreneurship advice.



    (1) What single factor do you think most helped you succeed in writing a bestselling book(as a teen)when so many other young writers do not?

    (2) If you had to write a to-do list for a student serious about investing the time required to write a quality book, what would the top two items be?

    (3)What are your tips about succeeding in finding mentors(as a teen)?

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