New Essay: Happy Ambition

I just published a new essay on my web site titled Happy Ambition: Striving for Success, Avoiding Status Cocaine, and Prioritizing Happiness. In some sense it’s a follow up to my previous essay on wealth. It also covers some new ground.

These ideas came together over many months, and while they’re still a work in progress, I’m happy to share them now…in part to benefit from additional feedback!

3 comments on “New Essay: Happy Ambition
  • I have done a lot of “soul-searching” lately and as such have found myself reading lots of books and material with most of it being something that I already know. Although I was not looking for anything in particular, I am really glad to have come across this article.

    Recently I seem to have been having a lot of doubts about my career and wondering if I was doing what I am supposed to be doing. I might not have been intentionally thinking about it, but I have no doubt after reading this that I have been wondering whether I could considering myself successful or even happy.

    I feel ashamed admitting it, but I have no doubt after reading this that I have been driven by status more than I thought I ever was. Even when I thought I had noble goals about changing the world, it’s become evident that I was still trying to improve my position in society. And now that this realisation has hit me, I realise how simple this misconception was. There is a calmness that comes with knowing and realising that there is joy and happiness to be found in loving the process of the work itself.

    I known that achieving bigger and more ambitious goals only brings temporary happiness as it results in the need to have even bigger dreams which seems like a futile experience. It’s funny that in a conversation with a friend recently she was challenging my ambitions and understanding the motivations behind them. We both agreed that I can have an impact on a smaller scale and still feel purposeful instead of doing things to be recognised and then feeling fulfilled.

    I don’t know where this new knowledge will take me, but thank you for bringing much enlightenment in my life at a moment where I felt I had all that I needed to be who I was always meant to be!

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