New Essay on Pros and Cons of Wealth

I just published a new essay on my personal web site titled The Godilocks Theory of Being Rich. It’s about the pros and cons of being “super rich” as I’ve observed it second hand, along with some other comments on the connection between wealth and happiness. Any and all feedback, as ever, is welcome!

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  1. Chris Yeh says:

    I think that the sweet spot is to make $100 million in a way that isn’t apparent to the outside world.

    I have a friend whose boring, B2B company was bought by another boring B2B company well over a decade ago. The sale probably netted him somewhere between $20-100 million. I’ve seen him a number of times since then, and he is always very happy and has used the money to do things like make sure the family travels a lot. They still live in the same house as before, though they have added on to it some.

    A lot of the issues have to do with how money and notoriety often go together. It is the combination of the two that is the problem–then your inbox is an endless stream of asks.

  2. Derek Scruggs says:

    Interesting that you mention the book Purity. If I had to guess, Jonathan Franzen has several million dollars, but not ten million unless he’s a good investor. But he seems to lead a very interesting life.

  3. I find your blog interesting, and the essay you have a link to.
    Is there a way to access all your essays?

  4. Kenny Sabarese says:

    Where is the follow up essay? It’s been a month!


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