My New Essay on Lessons Learned

I wrote a long essay about what I learned from Reid Hoffman over the past 4.5 years.

I also describe some of what I did from 2012 to 2014 — a behind-the-scenes role I haven’t written about until now.

You can read the full essay here.

4 comments on “My New Essay on Lessons Learned
  • Ben, I just finished reading your thoughtful essay. Thank you for sharing and publishing these important life lessons from your relationship with Reid Hoffman. My favorites are #13 and #14.

    I enjoyed these most because I’m still learning what’s the most productive way to convey truth to power. Upon reflection, it’s probably some combination of #6 and #4. I find it an ongoing learning process.

    I learned #14 early when I started my business career in pharmaceutical sales. I started from ground zero in my relationship building. Awareness (or my lack of it) made or broke my business outcomes for years. Sometimes, I thought they belonged to a secret society because they’d magically open doors to their counterparts in other cities or hospitals — I kid you not 🙂

  • Dear Ben

    the answer to
    “The save/savor dilemma is one he’s still figuring out and probably always will be”

    for Reid to be present in consciousness in every moment.

    Dear Ben
    There is a poetry book by a Jewish mystic i want to send you,
    from around twenty years ago,
    it is as profound as the poetry of the Persian mystic Rumi.

    it is for you Ben and Reid and everyone.

    I will include a little handwritten notebook to enable Reid to help millions poor people worldwide : Usa to Botswana
    by enabling them to help themselves
    : creatively, collaboratively, entrepreneurially, educationally.

    : independent of giving capital
    : thus the worldwide reach is not limited by capital, it is way beyond.

    Dear Ben
    I don’t have your details.

  • Fascinating read — thank you for sharing your thoughts and reflections in such detail. So great to hear what you’ve been up to. Especially loved hearing about the way Reid classified people — “navigable” and “alpha streaks” — great concepts.

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