Write About What You Know (So Don’t Write About Yourself)

“Write about what you know,” the creative-writing teachers advise, hoping to avoid twenty-five stories about robots in love on Mars. And what could you know better than the inside of your own head?

Almost anything. And almost anyone else is better positioned than you are to write about the foreign land between your ears. You are the person least qualified to be writing about changes in your own brain, since you need your brain to comprehend those changes. It’s like trying to fix a hammer by using the hammer you’re trying to fix.

That’s the always-interesting Michael Kinsley in the New Yorker, writing about Parkinson’s.

2 Responses to Write About What You Know (So Don’t Write About Yourself)

  1. Jesse says:

    Instead of writing about my self what if I write about my point of view about life??

  2. Derek says:

    It’s easier writing about somebody else. I prefer other people than ME if that makes sense


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