Arnold Schwarzenegger: Look Beyond the Mirror

Tear down the mirror and find people who you can help. That's the key to happiness, he says. Not fame or fortune.

May sound cliche, but Arnold (who's lived an amazing life by any measure) shares a poignant story of helping special olympics kids in the following four minute clip that makes the point well. It's from a commencement speech at Emory University.

6 Responses to Arnold Schwarzenegger: Look Beyond the Mirror

  1. Jackie D says:

    Of course, I agree.

    That said, I wish visible people would talk more about doing this on a day to day basis. Volunteer work, however sporadic or frequent, is noble and does boost happiness. But as someone put it to me this week, “Real service is how we treat people despite their shortcomings.” Helping someone with their luggage, giving up your seat on the bus for someone older, not taking it personally when someone’s being a jerk – this can be simpler or harder, but it’s the stuff of daily life. For me, that’s where I need to build and flex my giving muscles.

  2. I myself haven’t done regular charity work but whenever I’ve gone out of my way to help people and then get thanked, that for me is a feeling of great achievement

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