Imagine No Self-Censorship

Scott Adams has a "winning" post on Charlie Sheen:

Imagine if you stopped filtering everything you said and did. You'd have to be in Charlie Sheen's unique position to get away with it, but just try to imagine yourself living without self-censorship. Wouldn't you sound crazy?

Imagine you are so unafraid of consequences and the opinions of other people that you start sentences before you have a plan for how they will end. Sometimes a sentence turns out well, and sometimes you compare yourself to tigers and mythological gods.

I think Charlie is fascinating because he's living without fear. That translates into a disturbing degree of honesty. And at the moment it gives him an amazing amount of power over the media, which he is using to his advantage.

I can't judge his mental health. And clearly he has a drug issue that will last a lifetime. But I also think that a total lack of fear would look like insanity to the casual observer. And perhaps it is. But it's a strangely great kind of crazy.

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  • Ironic that Scott had to censor his own post on Men’s Rights today. I thought it was one of his best.

    And on the Sheen thing, of the few clips I’ve watched, I thought he came across as surprisingly articulate… but I could just be a goofball.

  • I love Scott Adams, and I love your blog, but this is bone-chilling in its inaccuracy. Physical addiction or mental illness alone do not compel a man to smoke like that, consume women like that, or push away everyone who cares about him. A potent combination of ego and fear can look an awful lot like fearlessness when it manifests in such reckless behavior, I guess. It’s anything but.

  • A friend who was given only a month before dying of cancer lived that time without fear but she did not do hurtful things. She skied the steepest slopes, sky dived, did everything with abandon and, without fear, she did them well.
    The cancer vanished and twenty years later, a yoga instructor and dancer, she remembers that time with wonder.
    Without inhibitions a kind person would still be kind, a nasty one would be a Charlie Sheen.

  • Scott Adams has lost his mind.

    At least he’s categorized his delusional post correctly as “general nonsense”.

    Charlie Sheen is “winning”? Well, he’s got nothing on Silvio Berlusconi in that department, if the deployment of unrestrained narcissism is winning.

    I predict that Charlie will either be dead, in rehab, or a Scientologist within the year.

    Out of curiosity I watched about two minutes of ‘Charlie’s Korner’ on Ustream. That’s all I could stand of his smarmy persona, which rivals Tucker Max’s in nauseating degeneracy.

    Whatever “amazing amount of power over the media” Sheen has is granted to him by his enabling audience.

    He looked haggard and coked out, but addiction is no excuse for inexcusable behavior like beating up women. It’s a good thing his kids were removed from such an unhealthy environment as his home.

    The truth is that womanizers like Sheen and Max don’t really like women at all– their exaggerated antics are a cover-up for deep feelings of inadequacy. You don’t have to be Sigmund Freud to see it– their constant chest-beating is the giveaway.

    I suspect both of them are closet cases and have small penises besides.

    The kicker at Tucker Max’s loathsome website sums up their life credo very well:

    “My name is Tucker Max, and I am an asshole.

    I get excessively drunk at inappropriate times, disregard social norms, indulge every whim, ignore the consequences of my actions…sleep with more women than is safe or reasonable, and just generally act like a raging dickhead.”

    These miscreant assholes are represented very well by Freudian descriptions of the id:

    “…an alimentary tract with no sense of responsibility at either end… which knows no judgements of value: no good and evil, no morality”.


  • The fact that you are quoting Tucker Max in the first place shows that he’s #winning as well. These two men are smart enough to manipulate their audiences as a means to entertain. You love them or you hate them but at days end they are the ones laughing their way to the bank.

  • I notice you, like most of the enablers, ignore Charlie Sheen’s physical violence towards women.

    Your emphasis on the profitability of his behavior tells us all we need to know about your values, moral or otherwise.

    You lose.

  • If Charlie Sheen’s craziness included the uttering of racial or ethnic slurs, he’d be shut down so fast it would make his head spin (look what happened to MIchael Richards). As it is, he is pretty careful to keep well away from the serious taboo subjects, which leads me to believe that he isn’t all that fearless.

  • Ian, thou sayest it.

    As Dave Trott says, “The mind decides on a position, then makes the facts fit.”

    Here are the facts :

    1990: Sheen shot then-fiancee Kelly Preston in the arm.

    1994: Sheen was sued by a college student who claimed that he struck her in the head after she refused to have sex with him.

    1997: A court convicted Sheen of battery with serious injury after his then-girlfriend Brittany Ashland said Sheen attacked her at his home.

    2005: Sheen’s second wife, Denise Richards, filed for divorce, accusing Sheen of substance abuse and making violent threats.

    January 2006: Richards filed a restraining order against Sheen, saying he had shoved and threatened to kill her.

    April 2006: A judge ordered Sheen to stay at least 300 feet from Richards, her home, her car and their two daughters, except during supervised visits with the kids.

    December 2009: Sheen was arrested Christmas morning after his then-wife Mueller told police he had threatened her with a knife. Three months later, he was charged with two misdemeanors — felony menacing and assault and criminal mischief. He entered court-ordered rehab.

    Sheen was hospitalized after reportedly going on a drunken rampage through New York City’s Plaza Hotel… Capri Anderson, the adult film star who partied with Sheen, claimed she hid in a closet because she was afraid of him. She later filed a criminal complaint saying she had been assaulted and harassed. No arrest was made.

    March 2011: Mueller got a restraining order against Sheen after she claimed he threatened to cut her head off, put it in a box and send it to her mother. Police transported Sheen’s sons from his Beverly Hills mansion to Mueller, whose whereabouts remain unknown.

    Obviously, Sheen has a bright future in social media, unless pictures of his small penis make it online, or his “prolonged non-assisted suicide” occurs first.

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