Sometimes It’s Faster to Do It Yourself

When it comes to delegating or outsourcing small tasks, the question always is, "Would it be faster if I just did it myself?"

I was struck by this thought when I saw the following picture of Barack Obama editing his remarks on a laptop before addressing an audience at Northern Michigan University in February. Yes, even for the POTUS, despite his legions of speechwriters and aides, sometimes it's faster to sit down and just do it yourself.



The White House flickr stream is kind of fun to flip through. Here's a photo of Obama and crew watching Mubarak's speech on television. Yep, they're watching the same thing we're watching!

5 Responses to Sometimes It’s Faster to Do It Yourself

  1. FYI, I typed up a comment in chrome and your site refreshed the page and lost the comment, when I clicked Preview – so the comment is gone. I’m not gonna retype it.

  2. Ben Casnocha says:

    Sorry to hear that — I plan to change the commenting system later this
    year away from TypePad….

  3. Speaking as the offspring of a leftie (hi, Mom!), I find our southpaw President’s computer setup very interesting. I don’t see a mouse in the picture, and that’s probably because Obama’s relying on a touchpad.

    Mice are very problematic for left-handers, because so many of them are made for righties only. My mom can’t use them at all, and it’s been a real challenge to find a mouse that she’s comfortable with.

    Time to propose the laptop/touchpad idea to her.

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