TSA Bumper Stickers


From here, and here's another link to underwear you can purchase that contains metallic ink that will show up in the scan.

Humor aside, I think all the attention to the TSA's body-search rule should instead be directed to the banning of liquids on carry-ons. I doubt the no-liquids rule thwarts a next generation explosive, and it's especially annoying for long, international flights bound for the United States. That's because the search for liquids occurs right before you board the flight, so it's impossible to bring water bottles onto the plane. (In the U.S. you can purchase water after the security checkpoint.) The searches that seize liquids from carry-ons for U.S. bound flights overseas also require several staff members specially assigned to this purpose — so it's expensive, too, for whomever is bearing that cost.

Overall, I am hopeful the debate about the body-search rule will spark a larger conversation about the security theater in America and the risk of overreacting to security threats.

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