Book Review: Do More Faster: TechStars Lessons to Accelerate Your Start-Up

David Cohen and Brad Feld have edited and annotated a collection of short essays about entrepreneurship into a new book titled Do More Faster. The essays are written by TechStars entrepreneurs and mentors and aimed at first-time entrepreneurs. It’s a solid collection of advice and wisdom. Is there be a better mantra for entrepreneurs than “do more faster”?

I wrote a short piece on why it’s important to have a bias toward action. There are also essays by folks like Dick Costolo (CEO, Twitter), Fred Wilson (VC), Tim Ferriss (author), Matt Mullenweg (WordPress), and others. The book is organized into seven themes: Idea and Vision, People, Execution, Product, Fundraising, Legal and Structure, and Work and Life Balance.

I have a special relationship with TechStars. In 2007 I lived in Boulder for a few months and (lightly) helped David Cohen get TechStars off the ground. I fondly recall us driving over to the University of Denver to pitch the program to students. David told me it would be great if local college students applied. We did a local TV interview together in the back of a dusty stationary store in Boulder. Of course, over the past four years it’s become something much, much bigger. TechStars is now one of the most prestigious start-up accelerator programs in the United States. It attracts high potential entrepreneurs from all over the world because of its distinctive emphasis on mentorship. Entrepreneurs apply to one of four cities (Boulder, Seattle, Boston, New York) and, if they are accepted, enjoy access to top-notch mentors and a great platform on whichPICT0476 to raise money after leaving the program. They also have the opportunity to compete in the annual Ben Casnocha International World Championship TechStars Table Tennis Tournament (see trophy pic), inspired in part by the epic ping-pong matches David and I played at my condo in Boulder in early ’07.

Seeing TechStars come so far these past four years is a testament to David and Brad’s (and everyone else’s) extraordinary vision and hard work. The remarkable success rate of entrepreneurs who have gone through the program is a testament to the power of mentorship and community.

Congratulations to David and Brad for publishing this terrific collection of advice and insights. I’m looking forward to helping them celebrate at the Book Launch Party in Palo Alto on October 12th. If you’re in the Bay Area, come join us.

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